Rob & Becky say I do

Becky and Rob came to me last year to photograph they’re wedding this october, I was so excited when hearing the plans of their big day, purple and grey colour scheme, located at a golf course and a beautiful outdoor ceremony during the sunset, who wouldn’t love this wedding.  I have known Becky since grade school, so I felt instantly comfortable with her and Rob. The two are so easy going and fun spirited, they’re constantly laughing and thumbs up to each other made me easily fall in love with them.

Becky and Rob had such a beautiful day for the big day. The location in Guelph called  Whistle Bear Golf  Course was just breath taking, it’s newly renovated and extremely picturesque, they had amazing food and that reception hall .. LOVED the lighting. The ceremony was a bit chilly but the sun was out and dropped just perfectly to have a beautiful evening glow.

These two were just amazing for they’re wedding and though they are very busy in their lives with a new home in a new city they were able to  let go of it all and focus on eachother.

Happy Birthday Gabriel

I had every intention of only putting a few images up for a sneak but then I got carried away. Baby G turned one, this is one special little boy and you can tell he has a lot of family and friends that surround him with an insane amount of love and laughter. Mommy Lauren throw an amazinginly decorated circus themed party ( i’ll be in contact for my sons future B-day party ). To add to this special first birthday, it was also a good bye to Lauren and Chris’s first home. Many renovations and memories will be left here but to be started in a new and exciting location with many more adventures to come.


Marla Baxter - October 28, 2014 - 7:06 pm

Excellent pictures!!

Desiree & Travis Bondy

I’ve known Desiree since I was a wee little kindergartener, all through grade school there were great birthday parties, sleep overs, figure skating and many more memories. In High school gr 9 was shared with an epic first year of rowing but was soon an end when Desiree changed schools. Years had past till this spring when Desiree had contacted me to photograph her wedding with Travis Bondy this fall. I had meet the two in my home to work out details about the wedding day and instantly fell right back in child hood friend mode with Desiree and Travis easily slipped in too. I connected with the two so quickly, their so easy going, fun loving and layed back I couldn’t wait till October.

On the Day of the wedding we kept everything care free and not to feel rushed or staged, the ceremony took place at the backstage capitol in Delhi, ON, it was packed top to bottom filled with all the people that love and care for the two ( who happen to be both only children). the sun continued to shine for our photos at the park, which was the last nice weekend of the year, nice  meaning no coat. The reception followed at the German Hall  and of course the food was amazing ( as always) , their was so much love, laughter and dance going on the vacation they took right after was well deserved.


Dayne & Sally Say I Do

Sally and Dayne had the most unique wedding I have been to,  which included a boat entrance, a harbour ceremony and a dress change which included a wedding dress that was worn by her grandmother and two of her great aunts ( by the way it was untouched and fit her perfectly) . I loved all the details Sally had chosen for the day, everything had a timeless elegant feel with a country twist. As for Sally and Dayne you can tell right away these two were ment for eachother. I have never seen a couple so in love, they way they look at each other, the way they always hold and kiss, I can admit I was swooning over them. I felt such love and joy just being around them  I could have spent hours just capturing their devotion to one another. I wish these two the best in their new life as husband and wife and cant wait to watch them grow.



Jodi & Joel = I Do

I can say this wedding was by far the most touching and emotional wedding I have ever attended. The day started a bit gloomy, the weather was cold and rainy but it did not bring anyones sprits down because this wedding has been long awaited by every single person there. Jodi and Joel didn’t want a big wedding, they didn’t want over done decorations and people there they didn’t know. They wanted exactly what they got a meaningful, sentimental, fun, easy going wedding in their backyard filled with the closest people in their lives.. in my words ( the best kind of wedding you can have ). The water works stared when these two got to see each other for the first time at their first look. The way  Joel looked at Jodi made my heart melt, you could see the love just radiate around them and I knew this was going to be an epic day with lots of tissues, but the moment that got everyone was when Joel walked with their daughter Maci down the isle. To be able to share they’re wedding day with Maci is truly a special thing, though she wont remember it they always will. The rain didn’t damper the ceremony we just went through as if nothing was happening and that care free feel continued into the reception followed right after. Everyone was free to walk about, talk and enjoy their evening. Music played , good food was served and you could hear people laughing all around and of course the speeches .. i’m sure they weren’t ment to be so tear filled but not one eye was dry in that house ( I found myself hiding behind my camera a few times just to cover the river flowing down my face). I left the evening with everyone on the amazing new deck that was built just before this wedding dancing away and enjoying the night.. the rain had let up and I knew they party would still be going in the early am . Congrats Jodi and Joel it was such a pleasure to be part of your wedding day and look forward in watching your family grow.


Leanne Doehn - August 7, 2014 - 6:58 am

Beautiful pictures, looks like a truely special day!

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